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Janice Winter

Course Conductor

Janice Winter’s career has encompassed all aspects of dance. Her dancing has taken her around the world as a competitor, professional dancer and teacher,but home isin Edmonton, Alberta with her own successful school of dance. As a teacher with over 35years of dance experience, her forte is jazz dance. Janice was the co-founder and director of the Blue Quill School of Dance for nineteen years, and opened The Edmonton Dance Factory in September 2003.


Janice has choreographed for various companies, instructed at home and abroad, and enjoys adjudicating. Janice has trained extensively in Tap, Jazz, Ballet and Musical Theatre. She has a dance minor from the University of Alberta and has attended professional studios, seminars, workshops, competitions and performances across Canada, Los Angeles and New York. Janice is a certified teacher of Al Gilbert and Brian Foley dance syllabus and has completed major RAD dance syllabus. She performed with company and the Alberta Dance Company for several years.


As a teacher with over 30 years of dance experience, her forteis jazz dance. Her passion for dance has inspired her students to progress into professional careers.From seeing the improvements in her dancer’s flexibility first hand from AlixaFlexibility in studioworkshopsover 7years ago, she jumped at the chance to attend teacher certification courses and incorporated the program within her weekly jazz classes. Janice has certified in the level 4 module and excited to have joined the Alixa Flexibility teaching team

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