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Introducing Alixa Flexibility to your studio is an absolute game changer. Every Genre of Dance and Acrobatics will benefit from this beautifully structured strengthening and flexibility programme. 

The courses are delivered via Zoom with clear and concise instruction as to how to produce students who understand their bodies strengths & weaknesses, and most importantly- how to safely correct and improve these areas.  It’s not only Dancers and Gymnasts who will benefit either – my son plays basketball and the chest opening and shoulder exercises are great for him.

The aftercare you receive is fabulous: from the Manuals, to the Website, to the Certified Members Face Book page. All are full of information, tips and hacks to ensure you are delivering the work in a safe and structured environment.  Every student can gain benefit from this programme; it really does teach you that it doesn’t matter how flexible or inflexible you are if you find the right stretches and strengthening work for your body you will see vast improvement.  After 6 long months in lockdown teaching via Zoom this programme has invigorated my school. 

Lisa Rutter, Dance Teacher Leeds UK.

I just wanted to send you a huge thank you note!! I signed up for your courses because we have quite a few students that seem to be stuck in their flexibility (some for years). They've been discouraged and because of this have grown to hate stretching. They've also been struggling with the transition to online classes. 

I started doing your stretches in my online technique classes and they are LOVING it! My girls who were once so discouraged are getting excited about stretching...and even doing it outside of class! I can tell they actually believe they can improve now and it brings me so much joy to see their excitement. 

It's also been extremely beneficial for myself! I've had daily pain from years of dance/aerialist work and pregnancy, these stretches have felt like a miracle worker. Just wanted to say THANK YOU for offering your online course, looking forward to hopefully attending module 3 in the near future!


Rachel Doty, DOTY PERFORMANCE, Tigard, Oregon, USA


Another amazing teacher workshop and certification this past week. Alixa Flexibility Modules provide teachers with safe progressions through stretch and strength practices used by dancers and athletes around the globe. It is always an honor to learn from Alixa. Her passion and dedication combined with her wealth of knowledge and experience is a valuable asset to the dance world and it is a privilege to be able to attend these certifications when she is touring in our part of the globe. There is also a lot of support in the certified group, where you can continue to ask questions and receive valuable feedback. It is really nice to finally have a stretching program that works for all body types and has a primary focus on safety.  Thank you Alixa for being such an inspirational mentor!


Zoe Genevieve Barbaro, Dance Works Academy, Gibsons, BC, Canada


It’s AMAZING! A game changer in our studio. Super effective and kids see results quick with module 1 so it spurs them on to keep going and put in the hard work later. The Alixa flexibility course is one of a kind. I have been searching for years for a course that specifically covers safe yet effective stretching and this is second to none. Each stretch is designed to work on multiple areas of the body at the same time, so our students get results fast! The most important thing for me is that the program is also focussed on safety and reducing the risk of injury. I've even starting using some of the stretches myself at home to aid recovery from injury. I can't recommend this course enough - our students love it! 


Kim Ritchie, Centre Stage Dance Studio, AZ, USA


" If we create a culture where every teacher believes that they need to improve, not because they are not good enough, but because they can be even better"

.There is NO limit to what you can achieve!!

.Thanks SO much to Alixa Flexibility for the amazing course, so great to connect with others who share the exact same teaching values, I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone who teaches flexibility, it's SO important we nurture young bodies correctly and ensure safety is maintained while creating not just flexible dancers but strong dancers. The dance world is constantly moving forward so I want to make sure I am up to date and giving my dancers the best training possible.  Looking forward to using all I've learned in classes and seeing the improvements. Roll on Module 2.


Aisling Nally, Aisling Nally Dance Company, Drogheda, Louth, Ireland


The Alixa Flexibility program is the program every body needs!

I have seen incredible growth in my students since switching from the "traditional" stretches I learned growing up. I am especially grateful for Alixa's commitment to safe stretching based on current research. 

Alixa's stretches have also been an invaluable asset to my own health and mobility. I have fixed imbalances and weaknesses in my own body  - most of which I assumed were un-fixable problems that I was just born with. 

Whether you are an aspiring contortionist or you just want to live a pain-free life - or anything in between - Alixa Flexibility is the answer!


Rosanne Moxley, Module 1, 2, & 3 & 4 Certified, West Milford, New Jersey, USA


Alixa Flexibility’s program has done my students wonders in such a short period of time. The program is great for all ranges of flexibility as the stretches target specific areas. I’ve had students that have been unable to touch their toes achieve their splits in 3 weeks following the Alixa stretches. My flexible students that generally don’t feel much during regular stretches are feeling the targeted stretches and their alignment is improving. I can’t say enough good things about the program. In addition to the phenomenal program, Alixa and her team are absolutely amazing!


Jackie  Graney, Studio 22 High TeK, Niles, IL, USA


Definitely do the course!  Alixa Flexibility exercises are amazing and will help your acro dancers heaps, especially if they are struggling with their flexibility.  Once the students understand the exercises, they are also very easy to do at home.


Jessica McLaughlin, Turramurra, NSW, Australia


Honestly these stretches are life changing! Our dancers are really getting the hang of squaring their hips and its making a huge difference to their Acrobatic Arts skills - i cant believe how much further they are all going back in their bridges and thats all down to your shoulder stretches! I  am so pleased i attended your course .  thank you x

Josie Clarke, AJ Dance


Alixa's Flexibility course was hands-down one of the most amazing courses I have ever taken! I can't rave enough about it! Alixa has a wealth of knowledge, but what I really love is her commitment to safe flexibility practices for healthy bodies that have physical longevity.

As a Teacher with several physical limitations from a motor vehicle collision, I was blown away by the changes in my own body after working through the Module 1 stretches. Seeing such an improvement in myself, I've already started teaching the stretches to students over the summer. Though the stretches are challenging for some of them, the students are all motivated to persevere because the end result is so noticeable - even just from going through the stretches once! 

I can't wait to get all of our students on the program - it's going to be a mega game changer!!


Adrianne Jorgensen, Program Director, Ambition Performing Arts Inc.


Having completed the Alixa Flexibility Module 2 course, I have taught the curriculum to a variety of dancers across Canada, all with rave reviews! Alixa Sutton is immensely knowledgable about safe and effective flexibility training for students of all ages. Her experience from around the globe creates a unique teaching approach which allows her to address specific goals for a variety of athletes. During the course Alixa went above and beyond with customized stretches for each attendee's particular sport of interest. The combination of physical execution, observation and hands on spotting gave me the knowledge and confidence to then teach the skills I learned to my own students. I look forward to working with Alixa again in the future, and to completing my Module 3 certification.


Lexy Cox, Full Out Dance Director, Dance Attack Acro Coordinator, BFA Ryerson Dance, PAEC, CDTA, Acrobatic Arts, Professional Adjudicators Alliance, Alixa Flexibility


I have really enjoyed my learning time both yesterday and today. As a young ballet dancer and teacher, I was so very fortunate to have received my training at Canada's National Ballet School in Toronto, with such wonderful, highly educated teachers, all of whom are accomplished and respected internationally. My teacher training program was so deeply enriched and balanced between both the artistic and athletic principles necessary to develop healthy, well trained ballet dancers. Yet, although we were trained to understand that we, as ballet dancers, require "functional flexibility", the ability to have the lengthened muscular strength to control the working range of motion, I can't recall being specifically taught  "how" to actually train flexibility. The focus was always on the responsibility of safe training when working with growing bodies but never on "how" to safely achieve flexibility. As such, I appreciated your teaching "eye" for correct alignment and your ability to very quickly "read" the room. I can already see that the majority of the flexibility exercises that you covered in our Level 1 and 2 course work would seem to be, as I think you would say, the "flexibility for ballet", as opposed to the elements in the higher levels which you would likely relate as "flexibility for advancement" necessary for acrobatic arts or contortions. So, thank you for sparking what will, no doubt, be a thought provoking journey into new territory along my path as a very dedicated life long learner and teacher.




If only I had learnt these incredible techniques for safe stretching when I was dancing."

You would think after 30 years teaching there was not a lot I could learn but I was so wrong.

The Alixa Flexibility courses are truly amazing. The day of the course just flew by and I was left wanting

more. The techniques not only worked on the students but all the teachers as well.

My students now love stretch class quite simply because they can see results almost immediately.

We have had some major improvements after just 4 weeks and are very excited where this will take

the students over a longer period of time.

I can't recommend these course's highly enough.

They are a must for any dance school to take their limbering to the next level.


Peter Coenen

Principal Old School Danceworks College, UK


I’ve had the privilege of taking part in the Alixa Module 1 and 2 sessions.

I found the program offered creative and innovative ways to stretch which offered instant results. The exercises taught the body to relax and push into each stretch. The way Alixa broke down the skills and how the stretches targeted so many different muscles were great. Our dancers have already benefited from the lessons I’ve brought back to the studio and have enjoyed the new approach to flexibility. These 

sessions helped me look at my dancer’s muscle structure differently – helping us to better target where they needed to focus to achieve their flexibility goals. Overall this was an inspiring two days of learning!


Brooke Myers, Dance Adventure KW inc, 

Kitchener Ontario Canada


Thank you so much for your program. Not only has it inspired me to step out of the box in my lesson plans it has reinforced what I always believed about stretching ☺️ 3 weeks into our season and I am seeing improvements in my dancers, strength where they had weakness and corrected posture and leg lines. 

All this from implementing the module 1 program. The best part is hearing the "wow" or "I can reach _____!!" From the students. Even already have some "I didn't the first day but I love this stretch exercise" comment this week.

I cannot wait to take module 2 as I feel continuing through the program is now so important for me and the safety of my dancers and acro. Thank you thank you thank you.


Jaimie Deanne Wahl, JDs Academy of Dance Synergy, Alberta, Canada


I use Alixa Flexibility across multiple genres at my studio.  The best thing is that the students see very tangible results quite rapidly, which motivates and inspires them to work harder.


Nicky Vincent, Southampton, UK


I have had great success with the Alixa Flexibility syllabus and find it a great compliment to Acrobatic Arts.  I notice the biggest difference with being able to find square hips overall, as well as increased flexibility!


Kellie Draper, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


Alixa Flexibility has completely changed my approach to teaching flexibility.  Their innovative program is both practical and progressive and the results speak for themselves. 


Marcel Tremel, Vancouver, BC, Canada


I really enjoyed taking the Module 1 and feel I learnt so much over the course of the day. It challenged everything I thought I knew about stretching. Your stretches are so unique and creative and so well thought out. I've been delighted with the results I've seen since I introduced them in my classes. (Even my own locked hip has been looser and less painful). Thanks for being so generous with your knowledge.

I'm looking forward to doing module 2 already!


Niamh Dinan, Dinan School of Ballet, Ennis, Ireland


I recently had the pleasure of taking both Alixa Flexibility’s Module 1 and Module 2 courses.  The content was well laid out and explained in great detail with the emphasis always being on the student's safety.  They have gone a long way in ensuring that their material will be taught safely and effectively.  During the courses, the icing on the cake for both the teachers and students are those fun moments when you are able to see instant results.  I am extremely proud to be able to pass these techniques and information on to my students which will help them not only as dancers, but hopefully in their overall health that will continue into their adulthood.

Amber Sylvestre, Artemis Dance, Bellegarde, SK, Canada


I had the honor last week to take Alixa Flexibility’s Module 1 Flexibility Certification Course.  The wealth of information that Alixa provided us will be a valuable asset through every stage of life.  I teach Bellydance and I do have a few younger students, but most of my students fall between the age range of 23 - 65 ... and we all know that the older we get, we start to lose our flexibility.  I am excited to bring what I've learned into my class setting and my students to help them age even more gracefully.  I am excited to bring what I've learned into my every day life working in an office environment, to help with my overall health and well-being, and I have even shared some of the information I have learned with my co-workers, as we can all use a healthy reprieve from sitting in front of a computer.

Thank you Alixa for being such a wonderful person and explaining and sharing with us your knowledge, and in such an amazing way to make it not only beneficial, but fun for everyone in attendance.  I look forward to doing you proud in the knowledge I have learned from you, and I look forward to continuing my education in Flexibility with you.


Rachel Allen, Lalita Maya Bellydance, SK, Canada


I thoroughly enjoyed the course and have practiced the module 1 stretches daily ever since. I feel like I've upgraded my hips!! I've had a tight left hip for about 18 months and just put it down to over use of splits on 1 side/ wear and tear of pole. Your stretches have totally released the tension! I've been using your techniques in my classes and my students are definitely reaping the benefits too.


Emma Nicholson, Studio Boutique, Hull, UK


I got Mod 1 certified in Canton, MI last summer. I am returning for Mod 2 this summer! It was SUCH a thorough, well thought out, effective program! Having the live training and hands on corrections of Alixa made all the difference! She was so helpful, open to questions, and truly cared about customizing the training to the needs of the attendees. Her stretches are unique and they work. My students LOVE the "magic pike stretch" and went from not being able to touch their toes, to being able to stand on 8 inches of yoga blocks and have the hands flat on the floor... I know that Mod 1 is only the beginning, but we have made such use of it this year in our studio! Definitely do it! 


Isabella Porcari, Grace Christian Dance Company, PA, USA


Say yes to square hips- We do!!  Thank you Alixa Flexibility for encouraging safe flexibility practices in our industry!


Palmetto En Pointe, Spartanburg, SC


I attended Alixa Flexibility after getting stuck with students who were desperate to achieve skills such as flat splits, supple bridges, strong leaps and certain ballet technique but did not have the flexibility to do so. They had hit a wall and I needed the knowledge to help them progress past a point they think they just cannot.

I learnt a range of technique and stretches on Module 1 for the hips, ankle and toes, shoulders and wrists and hamstrings. It was a light bulb moment for me and I could not wait to meet with a class of Juniors I had the following morning to get started with these methods as soon as possible!

Since starting back this term I have used them again in ballet class, acro class and in our progressing ballet technique class. I have always found that students did not really enjoy stretching, especially the students who were not naturally flexible. They have loved the stretching exercises I have taught them so far and are begging for more! I believe this programme will increase flexibility, help prevent injuries, overcome body alignment issues and moreover get students motivated about stretching because they all CAN achieve these things.


Jaykays Dance Company, Whitnash, UK


Alixa’s knowledge in the field of flexibility deserves much credit! Her priority on children’s health and safety first through teaching proper stretching technic and form was refreshing and inspiring.  What was particularly helpful to me as a Physical Education Teacher was that the training wasn’t exclusive to dancers and children.  The stretching technics could be modified to include all age ranges, sport technic and levels of fitness.  Module 1 and 2 courses were thorough and the hands-on work with actual students helped retain the knowledge learned in the lecture instruction.  I was able to implement the flexibility skills in my lesson plans immediately with confidence.  The information gained from the training was well worth the investment and trip.  I look forward to attending ensuing modules in the future.


Colleen Marie Pearson, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA



I wanted to thank you and I really don't know where to begin.  I was a little worried the online course would be harder to understand than the in person course, but I was blown away after each session how much knowledge and explanation you fit in. You made everything easy to understand and gave fantastic examples to hep reinforce it. It really made me smile seeing how the students understood your techniques so clearly.

I've already had fantastic feedback from students, as well as my family members who haven't ever attended stretch classes before. You are so incredibly kind and quite possible the best teacher I've ever come across. I really wish that everyone could learn from you. I'm so excited to share your knowledge with my students and keep learning from you in the future. 


Keri Bailey, Pole Dance Instructor


We have been fortunate to have Alixa visit our studio each year.  Her knowledge about flexibility is so impressive and her ability to create exercises that really work is so appreciated.  I am always amazed at how she is able to remember each child and each body and know exactly how to stretch out the smallest of areas - making an improvement for the long term.  Her exercises are safe and effective and give the children that feeling of success.  As a studio owner, I trust Alixa’s expertise and am sure to include her workshop in our annual calendar.    

Tammy Kostersky, Director, Dance Innovations


Rhythmic Gymnastics Alberta has been very pleased to have Alixa Sutton train our gymnasts and coaches.  From beginners through to high performance, there is something to learn each time we host a session.  Alixa's focus is always on the safety and wellness of the athlete, and carefully developing their flexibility for long-term health.


Diane Gunn, Executive Director, Rhythmic Gymnastics Alberta


Alixa came to our studio where 50 of our students were able to work with her over the course of the day. Her exercises have really helped our students find spaces in their flexibility that needed work. We have added her exercises to our daily technique classes and have seen a vast improvement in our dancer's flexibility, as well as their awareness of how the body works. We can't wait to have Alixa back to show her our progress and learn even more! Alixa was professional and very organized and it was a pleasure to have her at our studio!


Jaimie Bernstein, Dance Theatre of New Jersey


We approached Alixa Sutton because our gym was in need of a new approach to flexibility to take us to the next level. Her work with contortionists, rhythmic gymnasts, and high level athletes all over the world proves she has a vast knowledge of the human body and how to push it to be more flexible. Alixa was helpful in teaching us new flexibility exercises to achieve square hips, to push us further into a pike stretch, and to alleviate the frustrations due to tight back and shoulders. We implemented the new techniques into our daily warm ups and have seen improvements across all of our gymnasts. Alixa is very hands-on and demonstrated each exercise to detail explaining how it should look and how it should feel. We would recommend Alixa to any gym that is looking to improve the flexibility of their gymnasts using techniques that push beyond the typical USAG flexibility exercises we all know.


Winthrop Gymnastics Academy, Winthrop, MA


I began training in contortion with Alixa as an adult with little flexibility or body awareness. Alixa believed in me before I believed in myself. She taught me to trust my body and its potential. Through training with Alixa, I rediscovered a joy for moving. Her method is detailed, holistic, and clear. It cuts through the often noisy language that surrounds conversations about the body. Her approach is thoughtful, intuitive, and focused. However, the biggest takeaway for me from working with Alixa is the value of mentorship. Alixa teaches contortion not just a physical technique or an art, but as an opportunity to build character. Before training in contortion I had worked hard, but never through difficulty. It is both Alixa’s expertise and genuine care for people which helps them to succeed. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone with an undiscovered passion for movement.

Kevin Hutchison, Ontario, Canada

We have had the privilege and honor of working with Alixa for the past 7 years.  In that time our students have gained an understanding of how their bodies work, have realized success in overcoming areas of difficulty and gained increasing strength and flexibility by using safe and personalized stretches.  Our dancers look forward to our annual workshops with Alixa and our Parents Association has not only seen the benefits and growth in our students, they now subsidize the workshops so all our students can participate. Weekly stretch classes maintain that growth throughout the dance season. With Alixa's new flexibility syllabus not only teachers of dance, coaches of gymnastics and acro but coaches and athletes of all sports will be able to develop and maintain the flexibility needed to keep them at their peak.


Lee Porta, The Dance Theatre Performing Arts Centre, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


We love having Alixa come to our gym. Our athletes have benefited for over a year, with Alixa providing different stretches and progressions each time she is with us. Our gym runs gymnastics and cheerleading programs, therefore both disciplines have benefited from sessions with Alixa. Our athletes are more aware of their bodies and have focused on the technique of the stretches that have been taught. Alixa does a wonderful job targeting your club's specific needs, with a key focus on injury prevention, hip squaring and head to toe stretching that is crucial in order to keep athletes safe, allowing their bodies to grow injury-free and allowing athletes to train into their late teens. We have added stretches to our daily training schedule and have seen less injuries and improved flexibility. We have also opened our sessions to our Midget AAA Hockey team, which has allowed them to learn from Alixa as well. Feedback from the team is completely positive and they have implemented pre-game and post-game stretches into their daily routine. We look forward to working with Alixa every time she is in Saskatchewan!

Springers Gymnastics, Yorkton, SK, Canada


Thanks for such fantastic courses! We thoroughly enjoyed them and are starting to implement what we learned in to our classes. Box splits is something some of our students have been really struggling with and a cause of huge frustration, as they work hard but see little to no result. After this two minute stretch, everyone was thrilled to see they had made huge progress and the resounding conclusion in class was "Wow! 

These students are our 'worst' flexibility wise and while still not perfect, it was wonderful to see them 'be the best' for once as they had the biggest improvement compared to the students who are always praised.

After 30+ years coaching synchronized swimming and working a lot on flexibility from beginners to National Team level, I still find lots of new stuff to learn from you. Your techniques help to achieve great results in the most safe way. Thank you and look forward to the next course,


Elena Podolsky



As someone who has taught for over 27 years to all ages, from full time pro dancers to beginners, and who teachers Anatomy & Injury Prevention courses… I was very impressed with how much the biomechanics and safety aspects were embedded in the core and throughout the Alixa Flexibility courses.  Alixa herself has a wealth of knowledge and experience.  I was particularly impressed with how much research had been carried out and the type of scholarly research done in order to create a solid foundation for the programme.  I highly recommend the Alixa Flexibility Programme.   This is my personal & professional view.


Samm Baigrie


Thank you so very much for traveling so far to teach our girls, the sessions were amazing and we all thoroughly enjoyed and we learned so much more about proper stretches and will be using all  stretches in class and the girls will do at home safely without fear of injury. The changes we saw in just a few stretches were unbelievable. Thank you again.


Balmoor Gymnastics Club, Aberdeenshire, Scotland


The girls and I throughly enjoyed the workshops & training! We have discussed ares which they need to work on and invited parents in to watch stretching & about setting up a stretching program at home. The workshop was very educational and I learnt so much about flexibility & how to help my students improve safely & prevent injury & how to spot any concerns,  thank you for so much!!! We are looking forward to seeing the long term results.


Caroline Creggan, Northern Ireland 

Throughout our multiple workshops that we did with Alixa Flexibility we always come back hoping for another one soon. Alixa has been consistently a pleasure to work with through her incredible charisma, professionalism, and her passion for teaching others what she does best!

She always takes care to details and puts safety and injury prevention as a top priority. The lessons that she delivers can be applied to many different sports. Our rhythmic gymnasts benefit immensely from her stretches. All in all, working with Alixa has been a lovely experience and one that our athletes will remember forever. We are looking forward to working with Alixa again this year.

Connie Bramer, Program Director/Head Coach, Rhythmic Gymnastics Capital City Gymnastics

Just wanted to message you to say that I have been using your stretches a lot over these past few weeks with my gymnasts and they are all saying how great they feel and I can see an improvement already! Thanks again, you have really inspired me and encouraged me to work harder in the gym with my gymnasts, not neglecting flexibility. This is from 4 trainings a week with a 40 min focus on flexibility each training. Thank you very much for such valuable lessons. I have learned new practices and gained valuable knowledge which I will be applying from today. Kids loved that. I feel very motivated now and I will try to push ourselves harder but much safer. 


Zuzanna Gergelova, Oxford Rhythmic Gymnastics, Oxford, UK


I just wanted to email and thank you again for such a wonderful course in Manchester yesterday. I was so inspired after doing the mini course, I just had to learn more and module 1 was even more brilliant than I imagined. I feel full to the brim with knowledge and can’t wait to share it all with my students :)


Ailsa Baker, Dubai


Alixa Flexibility techniques and stretching... love, love, love. Took her M1 cert course this summer and not only are my kids seeing results, their teacher is too after doing so many of these stretches with them. Combining AA w Alixa in my classes has been a great addition to our regular coursework.  Ready for another round already! Teach me more! ☺️ Truly thankful.


Ashleigh Asper, Palmetto en Pointe Performing Arts, SC, USA


Thanks for such a great course today!

I went home and searched for some photos of what my flexibility used to be like when I was younger to self analyze. I had no idea what alignment was or how to stretch properly. I used to always get back pain while doing a mixture of trampolining and gymnastics and until I attended the courses this week had no idea why! I stopped trampolining due to a back injury from arching just that little bit too much to one side on a simple back somersault skill and now realize that my core was just so weak for how flexible my back was and how imbalanced the sides of my back were, it just made me cringe when I found them!

Now I feel like I have the tools to help prevent the same thing happening to the gymnasts I coach!

Thank you!!

I have been using the Alixa Flexibility program consistently and am just so in love with everything about IT. Even how it has changed the way I approach teaching certain skills 🤗 

It has helped tremendously. I have even done 2 clinics for the figure skaters here at our rink. They saw results immediately and now want me back on a regular basis. I myself can’t get thru a week without a session just so I don’t feel so old and stuff hahah when you know better you do better!!!  And I have noticed my usual “back pain or hip pain “ complainers have not said a word about pain in the last couple weeks. Thank you so so so much!!

The Module 1 course was amazing and really informative. I took it this past summer and have seen a huge improvement in the dancers and has allowed me to add to my repertoire of stretches.  Alixa Slobodyan is highly educated and answers questions with a strong understanding of the body and what to look for. I highly suggest taking Alixa Flexibility, it is an amazing course you won't be disappointed.

Lovely lady and fantastic program. I came away with new understanding of alignment and great ideas for helping students. 


Lou McManus, Licensed Zumba® Instructor Certified Acrobatic Arts, B.A.T.D Stage Associate


Last week I travelled to Regina to become Alixa Flexibility Module 1 & 2 certified and it was AWESOME. I’m feeling really excited about stretching again and extra inspired to teach. I can’t speak highly enough of Alixa and her program.

We've tried a few of the new stretches this week and the girls have been pretty impressed with the results.  They feel like they better understand how to square their hips and are better able to feel a stretch in their hip flexors by rolling down.




Thank you very much for the fabulous workshop today. I learned so much. After 37 years of coaching this is one of the most useful days I’ve spent. I truly appreciate the work, research and effort that went in to it.


Linda Carroll, White Rock South Surrey Figure Skating, White Rock, BC, Canada


I learned so much during the Module 1 course!  I have been teaching/coaching for 45 years, and my new knowledge from Alixa Flexibility has paid dividends in my team members' flexibility and strength in just 3 weeks.  I wholeheartedly recommend Alixa Flexibility to all rhythmic gymnastics coaches because of her knowledge of the body combined with the safety aspect of preserving the body for longer than just a competitive career.  Can't wait to take the next module.  Thank you.



Thank you Alixa Flexibility for an amazing Modules 1 & 2 courses!  Both instructors were so approachable and lovely!  I have learnt so much the past week, not only as a teacher but for myself personally too!  I can’t wait to book module 3!

Really loved the course!  I can’t wait to get all my students confident and using your techniques.  Thank you so much!  I will be on every additional course you offer without fail.  If only I had met you when I was still competing!

As mentioned before I think Alixa is fabulous. Very knowledgeable in what she taught us. Alixa is very patient and I loved how she came around and gave helpful tips as we were either performing the stretch or working with the dancers. I am so grateful to her for sharing all her knowledge. This is a superb strength supplement.

Thank you so much again!



I recently successfully completed the Module 1 course. The instructors & demonstrators were knowledgeable, informative & friendly. I am ready to begin Module 2.  I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to live this wonderful experience. I am so upset that I did not know anything about Alixa Flexibility years ago. I really recommend this course to everyone. Now I understand why I am not flexible, teachers did not train me in the right way. I will definitely know better when teaching my future dancers. It is crazy all the exercises work instantly. I am looking forward to register for Module 2 in June. I LOVE IT! 

Thanks for a great module 1. I have been wanting to take an Alixa Flexibility course for a long time but never had the opportunity as there weren't any courses available in Australia. I find these courses so beneficial and it compliments my acrobatic arts training so well! I know that by doing some of these simple stretches some of my really tight students will be so happy that they can start seeing results!!! 

Some of the advice that Alixa gave also made me realize that I had been stretching wrong my entire life. So very excited to join the Alixa flexibility community on facebook and to start these stretches with my students.  Very valuable course. I wish i could bottle up Alixa and have her in my studio!


Lucy Vardanega, Bella Dance Studio, Ingham, Queensland, Australia


I cannot thank you and your team enough. Your customer service is second to none. You held a place open for me and even though I didn't let you know till the last moment it was never a problem! 

The course itself was insightful and engaging and I feel like I have learnt a lot! The suggestions that were given for adapting to online classes were really helpful  Thanks again and I look forward to attending module 2 soon!

Many thanks 



I really love Alixa Flexibility and only wish it had been around when I was younger as it would have been life changing for my hyper mobility syndrome.  At least now I can pass it along to future generations, including my daughter (and truly can still use it for myself to ease up some of the old injuries).

Thanks again!



I really enjoyed your incredible program! I’m super excited to start introducing these strengthening and flexibility lesson plans to our dancers. 

Incredible program!  Can’t wait to see the results in my students!

So grateful I was able to take this awesome course Virtually!  Thank you Alixa Flexibility for the best week of so much learning1

THANK YOU SO-SO MUCH for a most awesome Module 2!  I absolutely LOVED every single session!

I have learnt so much, and cannot wait to implement this knowledge and effective stretching techniques with my students!!!

Thank you so much!

I LOVED the training and my students have been really loving the material. I can’t wait for module 3. Definitely will be there. 

I was so excited after taking your course & seeing all the results I just had to try the exercises out on my husband as he is the only one I can practice on right now…Amazing results!  Even he is improving & loving it!  Thank you!!

I have loved, loved, loved Alixa Flexibility since getting certified way back in 2017.  I love it so much I am getting certified with my Module 4 in 2021.  I have implemented it into my dance & circus classes to both kids and adults while also using the exercises to help with my own training.  I love the results I have seen with both the students & myself!


Victoria Ellingham, Swansea School of Dance, Toronto, ON, Canada


I have completed up to Module 3 and use it weekly in all classes.  I really appreciate the continual support and resources, especially the additional lesson plans & strength exercises.


Jana Hamilton, Connectivity Dance, Luduc, Alberta, Canada

“The Alixa Flexibility program has been a huge help in my flexibility
and strength journey. Miss Alixa is able to provide things specifically based on my own circumstances / issues and I am so
incredibly grateful for her and her expertise!”

-Hannah M, Age 16
“Alixa Flexibility has taught me how to safely become more flexible and more aware of my body’s individual strengths and limitations. My alignment has improved greatly, which has helped me in all styles of
dance. I feel more confident and more prepared this competition season because of the work I’ve done with this program. I have loved my time with Miss Alixa and consider her part of our dance family. I am very
thankful for this program and the growth I have experienced because of it. I can’t wait to continue on and learn more as I move through the modules.”

-Brynn M, Age 12
At my 27 years of age and being an Alixa Flexibility student, I can
attest how this method has helped me undo many years of wrong, damaging training. I am a professional ballet dancer & and also train contortion. The Alixa Flexibility method has revolutionized my body
and mind. I have cultivated a body awareness I didn't have before, and I have also found an appreciation for small gains, which eventually pay off in big, gratifying gains. I learned to intellectualize stretching, which translates to making smarter choices for my body and
having the ability to detect anomalies, which, when properly
addressed, can prevent injury. This method has proven to be effective in correcting a body that has undertaken wear and tear from years of poor alignment, helping me rediscover flexibility in a sustainable way, and extending the duration of my performing career. Thank you, Alixa Flexibility!

Agustin B.
“The Alixa Flexibility Homework program has helped me in so many ways. I have learned a ton of new exercises in dance class that I work on at home and I can use them to warm up at dance competitions. I improve by
repeating the exercises each week and I can see and feel how much stronger and more flexible I am. I am motivated every time I get a new sheet to work on and I can’t wait to work on additional modules.”

-Leah G, Age 10
“Alixa Flexibility has helped me so much especially this past year!
All of the stretches are wonderful and every one is super helpful.
They increase flexibility but also strengthen which is great for me
because I am hyper mobile, but I also want to keep increasing my
flexibility.  I have seen so much improvement in my body awareness & control since I started Alixa Flexibility training.”

-Abigail M, Age 13
"The Alixa Flexibility stretches have insane results and have helped me improve not just in flexibility but also in arco, leaps, turns, kicks, and so much more.  In addition is has dramatically increased my confidence in myself and my dancing ability in ways I thought unimaginable."

- Zoe
“The Alixa Flexibility program has been implemented into my dance curriculum for a number of years now, and I am truly astonished with the amount of growth I have made throughout this time. I have been able to achieve much more rotation and opening in my hip flexors as
well as seeing a great improvement in my upper back flexibility. This growth has impacted my dancing and acrobatics 
tremendously, which is a
direct reflection of this program and its design. I am excited for the continued improvement and effect on my dancing as well as acrobatics in the future.”

-Mckenna D, 14
"Alixa Flexibility has helped me learn how to not only strengthen but also control my hyper mobility in my elbows.  Without this help I might have injured myself so I am very thankful for the advice & guidance.  Alongside this, your stretches have helped me develop
flexibility in my upper back and hips which has enabled me to do
bridges correctly and more easily."

-Ellie R.
“I’m so grateful that my local dance studio has been able to provide the Alixa Flexibility curriculum as a part of my training. With the stretches provided in this program I have seen noticeable differences
in my leg extensions and back/shoulder flexibility.  I am excited to continue with the Alixa Flexibility program, see even more improvements and see continued growth in my flexibility.”

-Meredith D, Age 12
If I was told 1 year ago that I would be good enough to work with a
flexibility company, I would have said you were lying!  Training with
Alixa Flexibility has made my flexibility improve tremendous amounts through lockdown.  Your program has helped me with my flexibility, but it has also changed me as a dancer.  The flexibility, stretches, and control help my body flow and move better in my routines.  It has
helped me hugely with my alignment and strength which has helped me
succeed so much more in my acro and balancing skills!  Your program
has also helped keep me safe.  I now know how to challenge myself but
do it safely and I know what to look out for to prevent and injury.

Sully M.

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