Frequently asked questions

Can I take the course while pregnant?

Yes, absolutely! Please let us know when you register for the course and how far along you are. We are happy to modify any stretches needed if you would like to participate, or you are more than welcome to just watch.

What is the recommended time span for taking all the modules? Can I take them back to back?

All modules must be taken in order. It is highly recommended Module 1 & 2 be taken back to back or within 2 months. After that, it is good to have a gap before attending each next module for instructors & students to full grasp each level of material. Everyone learns at a different pace, average time is normally 3-4 months gap before Module 3, and 4-6 months gap before Modules 4 & 5.

I have physical limitations, can I still attend the course if I wouldn’t be able to participate?

Yes, no problem! You will learn so much from just watching. Don’t feel stressed you need to participate.

Do I need to have a demo student with me?

Instructors do not need to have a demo student. Various demo students will be provided by Alixa Flexibility. If you would like to have a student join with you, you may- but the student is required to have a release form signed before joining and be over 6 years of age, and join with the same device. Please note on your registration from you will have a student with you.

Will you be holding any in person courses?

We will not be planning any in person courses for some time due to travel restrictions. Even when travel restrictions are lifted, the majority of our courses will still be held online as we have found them more accessible and cost effective for instructors from all over the world.

Does each module have a different manual?

Yes, each of the modules has a corresponding flexibility manual and accompanying strength manual.

How many stretches or exercises are included in each module?

Each module covers between 26-34 separate flexibility combinations and between 20-30 strength exercises to support & prepare students for the flexibility.

Are the videos for sale a substitute for the instructor courses?

The videos are meant as a complimentary teaching tool and only cover half the exercises in each module. They show the step by step, then the written accompaniment covers goals, tips, safety aspects, and potential issues. The actual courses go into more depth, show various modifications, discuss teaching strategies, you are able to ask questions. Plus with the certification courses you receive both the written flexibility manual, strength manual, lesson plans, student home challenge, and continuing support.

Can instructors or class assistants younger than 18 years old take the courses?

Apprentice teachers ages 16 & 17 years old are allowed to attend Module 1 & 2 but they will not receive their full certification until they turn 18 years. Permission may be granted for apprentice teachers age 15 years if they are recommended by their instructor or attending with them for Module 1 only.

What is your cancelation policy?

20 days or more prior to the course: Full refund minus $50 usd administration fee or we hold your full registration fee in trust for a future course. 11-19 days prior to the course: Full refund minus $100 usd cancelation fee or we hold your full registration fee in trust for a future course. Less than 10 days prior to the event: Refunds/transfers are not available. Extreme cases can appeal: email

How does the exam work?

All Instructors are required to take an exam to pass each module before receiving their full certification & benefits. Exams are done online, questions are multiple choice with no time limit. If an instructor does not pass, they may retake the module without charge. Please let us know of any accommodations needed for language or learning difficulties. Teachers will be sent a link to their exam after attending the last session. They will have 4 days to take the exam. If there is an emergency and you need a time extension, please email us at

When will I receive my teaching materials after I have registered & paid for a course?

The online version of flexibility manual will be made available shortly before the course for which ever module you are attending. After the instructor has passed their final exam, we will send the hard copy to their mailing address. Instructors receive their certificate, strength manual (downloadable version), lesson plans, posters & promotional material, certified badge, and home challenge after receiving full certification.

Does Alixa Flexibility offer workshops or private sessions?

If you are interested in either a workshop for your students or private sessions, please email us at and we will be happy to set you up with one of our AF Team.

Do you charge a yearly licensing or membership fee?