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Aerial Hoop Flexibility
Bridge Retire Acrobatics
Male Ballerina Split Leap

Alixa Flexibility is a progressive & proven syllabus designed to educate instructors how to teach flexibility safely & effectively through 5 modules.

Our program focuses on:

• Step by step progressions • Strength to control flexibility
• Correct alignment to help protect against injuries
• Good body awareness & mobility • Improving students who struggle to progress
• Balancing & protecting hyper-mobility


The emphasis is on student safety and is carefully developed for long term health.

Alixa Flexibility Is for Everyone

We believe students have only one body and they need to keep it safe & healthy their entire lifetime. Instructors need to be highly educated in safe flexibility methods to be able to facilitate progression in their students as well as arm them with the body awareness and education to protect their body & avoid injuries.

We also feel strongly that every student no matter their age, body shape or ability should & CAN experience progression & growth when working with EXPERIENCED & TRAINED flexibility educators. Alixa flexibility provides flexibility training alongside stretching and strength programs for kids, teenagers and adults.

Flexibility when done correctly promotes body confidence, the ability to move better and helps keep the body pain free.

Nina & Yuri split stage.jpg

The Alixa Flexibility Method

A syllabus to encourage safe, smart stretching and guaranteed progression, The Alixa Flexibility syllabus has been carefully developed over 22 years with research consultation from experts in physiotherapy, sports medicine, massage therapy, rehabilitation, kinesiology and neurology.

Modules 1, 2, 3 & 4 Instructor Certifications

Learn theory, lesson planning, motivation techniques, psychological aspects of stretching, how to improve alignment, and keeping hyper mobile students safe. 

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