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Nina Chubrikova

Student Workshops, Course Conductor

Nina Chubrikova was an elite Rhythmic Gymnast representing USA at the World Championships and International competitions. While getting her Bachelor's Degree in Kinesiology, Nina also began her entertainment career performing in the award winning Sea World show, “Riptide”. After 5 years of performing in Sea World, San Diego, Nina created her solo aerial hoop act, and with the help of Alixa Slobodyan, she and her partner Yury, created their first contortion and hand balancing duet, Duo Resonance.

As Duo Resonance, Nina and Yury re-created their act into the Original Sliding Surface Duet which has been featured on Russian TV Show “Minuta Slavi”, on America's Got Talent at Radio City Music Hall, with Cirque du Soleil, at NBA Halftime shows, Circus Circus-Las Vegas, and Sea World-San Diego. Duo Resonance continues to be a guest performer with internationally renowned Symphony Orchestras, Variete Shows, and in corporate and gala events with leading entertainment companies. Duo Resonance has also performed with the Grammy-nominated singer-song writer, Leona Lewis, to her hit single “Bleeding Love”.

With the success of Duo Resonance, Nina and her partner founded Resonance Productions, an event entertainment company that provides original entertainment created by Nina and Yury, as well as world-class acts and performers for special events, corporate functions, stage and TV shows, and gala concerts.

In 2016, Nina joined Alixa Flexibility as the North America Director, and began teaching Alixa Flexibility workshops. As a current circus performer she gives a unique perspective to the Alixa Flexibility method, by personally using the flexibility techniques to maintain and to constantly improve her own flexibility.

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