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Alixa Slobodyan

Creator: Alixa Flexibility Method

Alixa is a former rhythmic gymnastics trainer and a contortion trainer for circus, as well as a former performer and circus artist. She developed her techniques for teaching flexibility after seeing so many athletes have to quit from injuries due to improper stretching or lack of stretching. Alixa created her program with a unique blend of non invasive stretching techniques from studies of circus techniques from various countries, sports physical therapists, Pilates, sports doctors, Kinesiology studies, and working with thousands of students from different sports. She is constantly creating new material based on emerging studies - evolving her techniques to suit people's current lifestyles and changing bodies.

Alixa has worked for Cirque du Soleil as a choreographer, trainer and creator, Cavalia as an equestrian performer & flexibility trainer, as an independent swinging trapeze solo artist & aerial contortionist, and is the creator of the Mystic Pixies Contortion troupe. Now she lives in Ukraine and travels all over the world giving courses and lectures.

She has given seminars or workshops for the USA National Gymnastics Congress, Canadian Dance Teachers Association, Alberta Gymnastics Congress, Le Ecole National du Cirque, US World Championship Vaulting Team, Ontario Gymnastics Coaching Congress, BC Synchronized Swimming Association, Alberta Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation, USA National Rhythmic Team, NB Synchronized Swimming Association, Canadian Vaulting Association, Alberta Tumbling & Trampoline Association, American Youth Circus Organization, and hundreds of individual facilities & studios.

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