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Step 1:

Choose your date, email Alixa to confirm when she will be available.

Step 2:

Pay deposit of $200 to hold your date *workshops book very quickly and dates are given to the first facility who pays the deposit for that date

Step 3:

Email your contact information to Alixa including: facility name, address where workshop will be help, contact name, cell number, and landline.

Step 4:

Sign contract, scan, and email back.

Step 5:

Email copy of schedule to Alixa *We must receive a copy of your schedule at least 2 weeks prior to workshop in case any changes need to be made!

Step 6:

Pay travel invoice, and book hotel.

Step 7:

Final payment is due through paypal 1 week before your workshop.


I am unable post the workshop price on the web site as many facilities like to keep the prices private from their clients. Please email me at
Private sessions are $150 per hour with a 2 hour minimum.

Weekday Workshops:

Most facilities do 12:30-3:30pm Teachers Training, and 4-9pm Student Sessions. Many facilities find that they actually get more attendance during weekday workshops because more families are available. It is also easier to make the workshop mandatory.

Continuing Clients:

Continuing Clients will get priority booking for all workshop dates. They will also be alerted to dates opening up in their area before the general public.


Deposit is due with booking. Final payment is due by check or money order on the day of the workshop with no exceptions!

Schedule Planning:

8 hour limit with 30min break that does not count toward your 8 hours

Maximum 15 students per session (no minimum)

No students under 6 years old

Do not mix wide age ranges (for example- no 6 year old with a 15 year old)

Group students by ages, or competitive levels

Younger students & Beginners need less time (1 hour is good)

Older students & Advanced students need more time (1.5-3 hours)

click here to download schedule examples

Facility Needs:

*One chair for each person (folding chairs work fine) Ideal if available (but not necessary):
*yoga mat for each person (unless floor is a mat) Yoga blocks, panel mats, block mats, jump ropes.

Workshop Attire:

*Tight, stretchy workout clothes- No jeans!

*Hair Up

*Water bottle

*No shoes, socks ok

Workshop Rules:

*No videotaping

*May take photos

*All material is copyright Alixa Sutton/Alixa Flexibility

Travel Costs:

Alixa lives in Europe so travel expenses can be quite high. To keep costs at a minimum, Alixa pre sets the specific number of workshops and spreads the cost for travel over all of the workshops. That way the travel expenses are much lower and fair for everyone.

Hotel Booking:

*Book for the night before the day of your workshop

*Alixa does not have a hotel preference

*Make sure the hotel room is in the name Alixa Sutton

*Hotel must be pre paid

*Giving your credit card as a deposit, does not mean the hotel room is pre paid!

*Hotel must be booked 2 weeks prior to workshop!

Ways to Afford a Workshop if you are a Small Facility:

1) Open up sessions to the public

2) Invite other facilities either in the same sport, or different sports (workshops are very popular with dance, gymnastics, cheerleading, swimming, hockey, soccer, yoga, fitness, mountain climbers, acrobats, circus performers, ice skaters, football, marshal arts, vaulters, etc.)

3) Host a 1/2 day Teachers Training workshop. Sign up 20 teachers and you have covered your costs.

4) Hold fundraisers

5) Use booster club funds, or continuing education grants.



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