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left The flexibility improvement is so noticeable with our dancers after you came this summer. Everyone at competition was noticing and asking what we are doing, even the judges were asking. Thanks a million! left


left All my coaches and I learned so much from your workshop yesterday we are actually overwhelmed! You present an amazing amount of information, now we just have to process it all and start implementing it. Can't thank you enough, you have really opened our eyes. left


left I just wanted to let you know that I really loved your workshop in particular I loved the gentle energy and professionalism you brought to the workshop... it really made for an enjoyable experience. left


left We really enjoyed having you at the studio. There has been a real buzz among the students who were very excited to share all they learned with the other students who weren't able to attend. I had mentioned to them that we will have you back and that they should continue to work on their exercises so that they could show you their Improvement. They are all very enthusiastic! left


left My daughter really enjoyed your workshop and commented that she would like to take it every week. She is not very flexible and you made her realize she can be if she works at it. She showed me some things she learned and I think she will keep them up.  Thank you for taking the time for our girls! left


left Can you please come stretch us every day? left


left Just wanted to say thanks again for the wonderful workshop yesterday! I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was as though you had turned a light bulb on for me. I have always had to work so hard to maintain any flexibility that I do have (which isn't a lot considering all that I do) and I have many students in the same boat. They get so frustrated with our regular stretches as they don't seem to get them the results they want. Your stretches get those results! I would really really really like to have you come for a workshop again, it benefits my kids so much! left


left Mom is going through major back issues and just the small things you showed her to incorporate and ease her back,help her to relax and were wonderful. It is awesome Mom has found something she doesn't 'feel silly doing', as she says. left


left Your workshop was very enlightening and beneficial. It gave me a whole new perspective on dance, moves, health, flexibility, stretching ... through all the ages! left


left I just wanted to say thank you for the Parents Workshop last night. It was a complete revelation, and the techniques you presented will definitely be put to use in our household! left


left Over the last few years, I've found myself at a cross-roads with my daughter. The dance stretch techniques I had learned and that worked in my time, are useless to help her. With your program I'm looking forward to finally making a breakthrough with her flexibility and helping my other students to improve their technique as well. left


left I just took your Teacher session and I have never been more impressed! I absolutely loved you workshop yesterday! I'm looking forward to next time you come do another one! left


left We were so happy with the tremendous improvement our dancers made over the past 6 months. They have worked very hard at the material you gave them and have seen amazing results! left


left I wanted to thank you so much for the individualized attention you gave my daughter today. She was amazed at how she feels and the things she can do now that she hasn't been able to do before. She is committed to doing the stretching and exercises you taught her to do. As a person with Special Needs this is tremendous for her. Your evaluation of her was spot on. Your calm and relaxed demeanor with the cheerleaders really helped put her at ease. She gets nervous and tenses up, you helped her realize how good it feels to relax. It is my opinion after seeing this workshop that many children and adults in Special Needs would benefit greatly from your program! left


left Thank You for coming to our studio. The girls really enjoyed it and we learned a lot! They have been asking when you are coming back! left


left We really can't thank you enough for all the time and care you took with our gymnasts. We have been working on the material faithfully and have been seeing such big changes. Then we took the girls to a competition and everyone was commenting on how flexible our girls are. That was a huge feather in our cap coming from how flexibly challenged we were at the beginning! left


left Our Synchronized Swim team has seen lots of improvement especially in toes and leg extension after your workshop. The girls don't fight stretching anymore, they get interested in their progress instead! left


left Your program in truly unique. Never have I seen such a wide variety of stretches that are all effective and most of them you can see the difference right aways! left


left I have had over 10 years of dance education, including 3 years in a prestigious dance university program, and you taught me more in one afternoon then I learned over all those years! left


left We have noticed a huge improvement in the swimmers ability to be square - just in general, and in splits. Swimmers love the magic pike stretch and we have noticed it helps with knee extension. Coaches have been integrating the new straddle and froggie stretches a lot, it has made a huge improvement especially in many of the 13-15 year olds! left


left I attended your Flexibility Workshop and am amazed at how much better I feel. It was worth the 7 hours drive to get there! I have, over the years spent time with physiotherapists, etc. to regain my ability to walk after breaking my pelvis more than once, but I have never felt so wonderful and in less pain than after your workshop. I am astonished and grateful. I would love to learn more. I am just astonished at how much better I feel. And it is not just reduction of pain (which is wonderful in and of itself), it is also being able to keep my balance and literally feel where my left leg is. Words just are not adequate to express what it is like to be able to move more easily after so many years. Thank you! left


left Thank you for your work today with our student with advanced Scoliosis, it was amazing. You could actually see his hump becoming smaller and smaller with each exercise. Now we finally have some way to help him. left


left I was one of the male coaches at your workshop and really appreciated the things you taught for both my athletes and myself. You showed me a couple of shoulder stretches that really helped me to eliminate some knots and pain. I felt healed the next day and I have been feeling great since!left


left We wish you could come and live with us! left


left As a teacher, I got SO much out of your workshop and am very excited to implement your stretching techniques into my class. I am amazed at some of the quick results that I saw and the progress that was made in such a short period! left


left I've been doing Alixa's stretches almost daily, and my chronic low back and hip pain is reduced by at least 75% on most days, and on really good days, it's gone entirely. I honestly didn't think that was possible, but the way Alixa showed us how to move past physical blockages in a safe way- was nothing short of amazing. I feel like Alixa gave me the tools to actively work on fixing the causes of my chronic pain. It's really been a life-changer! left


left The kids will be so excited to see you again! Most of them have their buns on their butts completely.  Most all have improved markedly.  They LOVE it and are working SO hard! I'm really excited to have you back to work more magic! left


left Though this workshop is not "required", I can't stress enough how important I feel this time with Alixa will be for your dancer's skill progression. Our dancers feel the same. When specifically asked which workshop/guest teacher (out of the dozens we bring in annually) offered information that most improved their dancing this past season, 95% of our dancers immediately named Alixa! left

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