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Get a stretching certification that will help bring your own coaching/teaching results to new heights. Stretching is a lifetime learning process - and the levels of advancement are infinite. Many instructors plateau in their abilities to provide effective, injury prevention, in depth stretching information to their students. As a result, they struggle to get their students to actualize their peak potential, or worse, their students encounter debilitating injuries that could have been avoided.

Alixa Flexibility Teachers/Coaches Certification Courses redefine the foundational pillars of stretching and aim to help coaches/teachers bring their athletes to another level - a level full of vitality, power, and without injury. This program contains a wealth of in depth materials and hands on training, backed with Alixa's 20 years of experience. You will learn life changing flexibility techniques that will take your students beyond what you thought was possible. You can take what you learn and directly apply it to enhance your own life and instruction, driving results with your students.

Limited to 30 coaches/instructors, with 6 course modules. Each module being it's own, highly engaged, 8 hour day at the cost of $250usd (£200 GBP) to $300 (£250 GBP) each module. Each participant will receive a full color manual with registration that has photos of each stretch, tips, goals, teaching techniques, and lesson plans for the module they attend. Teachers/Coaches will receive their certification diploma upon passing the exam at the end of the course.

Space is limited and locations fill up fast. Book your spot and sign up today at an event near you!

*Courses run 9am-6pm with a 1 hour break for lunch

*Price is $250 (200 GBP) for Module 1, $300 (250 GBP) for Modules 2-6

*Payments must be made through Paypal prior to course date.

*Spaces are first come first serve.

*There is no perquisite for Module 1. To attend Module 2 and above, you must be certified in the prior module.

*Coaches/Teachers will be asked to try some gentle stretches unless they have physical limitations that will not allow them to do so.

*Participants must come attired in workout clothes with water & healthy snacks.

*Photos are allowed, but no video.

*Everyone must bring 2 yoga blocks (3" L x 6" W x 9"H are best), and a yoga mat.

*Space may be available for participants to bring a few students, email Alixa for more details.



Sept 29th Perth, Australia - Only 7 spaces left! Module 1

Oct 2nd Ryde, Sydney, Australia - Only 8 spaces left! Module 1

Oct 3rd Ryde, Sydney, Australia, Module 2

Oct 5th Sunshine, Melbourne, Australia - Only 6 spaces left! Module 1

Oct 7th Brisbane, Australia, Module 1

Oct 21st Urmston, Manchester, UK, Module 1

Oct 22nd Urmston, Manchester, UK, Module 2

Oct 23rd Stockport, UK, Module 3

Oct 26th - Poole, UK Module 1

Oct 27th - Available for Student or Combo Workshop, UK

Oct 28th - Available for Student or Combo Workshop, UK

Nov 21st - Red Deer, AB, Canada, Module 1

Nov 22nd - Red Deer, AB, Canada, Module 2

Nov 24th - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Module 3

Nov 25th Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Module 4

Nov 26th - Available Student or Combo Workshop, AB

Nov 27th - Available Student or Combo Workshop, ON

Nov 28th - Stoney Creek, Ontario, Module 1

Nov 30th - Toronto, ON - FULL! Module 1

Dec 1st Pickering, ON, Canada, Module 2

Dec 2nd Pickering, ON, Canada, Module 3

Jan 18th Regina, SK, Canada, Module 1

Jan 19th Regina, SK, Canada, Module 2

Jan 20th Regina, SK, Canada, Module 3


More dates coming soon!



As a host, you provide the space, and in return 2 of your coaches/teachers would be able to attend for free. You may also have your students demo as an additional benefit. I have the demos come at set times in 2 hour blocks. We can use up to 18 demos. It is a great chance for your students to learn and experience the stretches.

Hosting Requirements:

*Large studio or gym with floor space, and access to wall space with room for up to 30 Teachers/Coaches & 10 students.

*Chair for each participant. Folding chairs work great.

*Availability 9am-6pm



"We have been fortunate to have Alixa visit our studio each year.  Her knowledge about flexibility is so impressive and her ability to create exercises that really work is so appreciated.  I am always amazed at how she is able to remember each child and each body and know exactly how to stretch out the smallest of areas - making an improvement for the long term.  Her exercises are safe and effective and give the children that feeling of success.  As a studio owner, I trust Alixa’s expertise and am sure to include her workshop in our annual calendar."

Tammy Kostersky, Director Dance Innovations

"Alixa has come to our workshops over a number of years and over 100 of our gymnasts were able to work with her. Her exercises have really helped our rhythmic gymnasts find areas in their flexibility that needed work. Many of our coaches have added her exercises to their daily technique classes and have seen a vast improvement in our gymnast's flexibility, as well as their awareness of how the body works. We can't wait to have Alixa back to show her our progress and learn even more! Alixa was professional and very organized and it was a pleasure to have her at our studio!"

Diane Gunn, Executive Director Rhythmic Gymnastics Alberta

"Alixa came to our studio where 50 of our students were able to work with her over the course of the day. Her exercises have really helped our students find spaces in their flexibility that needed work. We have added her exercises to our daily technique classes and have seen a vast improvement in our dancer's flexibility, as well as their awareness of how the body works. We can't wait to have Alixa back to show her our progress and learn even more! Alixa was professional and very organized and it was a pleasure to have her at our studio!"

Jaimie Bernstein, Dance Theatre of New Jersey

"We approached Alixa Sutton because our gym was in need of a new approach to flexibility to take us to the next level. Her work with contortionists, rhythmic gymnasts, and high level athletes all over the world proves she has a vast knowledge of the human body and how to push it to be more flexible. Alixa was helpful in teaching us new flexibility exercises to achieve square hips, to push us further into a pike stretch, and to alleviate the frustrations due to tight back and shoulders. We implemented the new techniques into our daily warm ups and have seen improvements across all of our gymnasts. Alixa is very hands-on and demonstrated each exercise to detail explaining how it should look and how it should feel. We would recommend Alixa to any gym that is looking to improve the flexibility of their gymnasts using techniques that push beyond the typical USAG flexibility exercises we all know."

Winthrop Gymnastics Academy, Winthrop, MA

"I began training in contortion with Alixa as an adult with little flexibility or body awareness. Alixa believed in me before I believed in myself. She taught me to trust my body and its potential. Through training with Alixa, I rediscovered a joy for moving. Her method is detailed, holistic, and clear. It cuts through the often noisy language that surrounds conversations about the body. Her approach is thoughtful, intuitive, and focused. However, the biggest takeaway for me from working with Alixa is the value of mentorship. Alixa teaches contortion not just a physical technique or an art, but as an opportunity to build character. Before training in contortion I had worked hard, but never through difficulty. It is both Alixa’s expertise and genuine care for people which helps them to succeed. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone with an undiscovered passion for movement."

Kevin Hutchison, Ontario, Canada

"We have had the privilege and honour of working with Alixa for the past 7 years. In that time our students have gained an understanding of how their bodies work, have realized success in overcoming areas of difficulty and gained increasing strength and flexibility by using safe and personalized stretches. Our dancers look forward to our annual workshops with Alixa and our Parents Association has not only seen the benefits and growth in our students, they now subsidize the workshops so all our students can participate. Weekly stretch classes maintain that growth throughout the dance season. With Alixa's new flexibility syllabus not only teachers of dance, coaches of gymnastics and acro but coaches and athletes of all sports will be able to develop and maintain the flexibility needed to keep them at their peak."

Lee Porta, The Dance Theatre Performing Arts Centre Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


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